(Start-up India Recognized) is a product of Asar Green Kabadi Pvt. Ltd. A technology-driven company working on SaaS (Software as a Service) based model to organize the waste management sector.
Founders Message
“Waste is never a waste, it’s rather an opportunity to something new” Mr. Anurag Asati, who co-founded Okabari with Kavindra Raghuwanshi in 2014 always wanted to do something out of the box but he had never anticipated something as bizarre as “waste” would drive him to bring the solution until he detected the biggest loopholes associated with waste management sector by then. The unorganized sector made it a task for him to sell his own household scrap, it is then that he decided to infuse technology into the sector making it easy for thousands of consumers to sell scrap online. But, this wasn’t enough to mark a significant impact, on households, The Okabari.com gradually started catering to small to big businesses, corporates to institutions with their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), assisted the state government in managing the city’s huge dumps at The material recovery facility (MRF Centers) through involving waste workers from the informal sector, helping them earn the wage they deserve. Today, The Okabari.com has become a one-stop solution to every waste chaos.